10 Conditions of Love

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This is the story of Rebiya Kadeer, China’s nightmare. It is a love story - in which Kadeer’s passion for her husband, her family, her people and her homeland is mercilessly turned against her by China. For her relentless struggle for the human rights of her Uyghur people - the Moslem inhabitants of western China - China has waged savage global campaign accusing her of terrorism while it keeps her sons in gaol in a vain attempt to silence her.
It is also the story of the ‘other Tibet’ - the country its people call East Turkestan, but which the Chinese call Xinjiang Province.
Exiled in the US, Rebiya Kadeer is fighting for the human rights of her people, the Uyghur, China’s oppressed Muslim minority. But Rebiya Kadeer’s campaign condemns her sons to on-going solitary confinement in a Chinese prison. Having done six years solitary herself, she understands the appalling consequences for them of her campaign for her people.